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Following is a series of photos taken on October 24, 1951, a day which has been largely ignored by most Korean War literature, which usually reports the 23rd as the last daylight mission of the 29s. This was a 98th Bomb Wing mission to bomb a Railroad by-pass bridge at Sunchon, North Korea. The in flight photos were taken at the assembly area between Hamhung and Wonsan on the Korean coast. The rest were taken after our B-29 landed at Taegu, South Korea, never to fly again. Also a photo of the crew, copy of the 343rd Crew Roster as of June 30, 1951 and a few other items that might be of interest. By the way, I'm Max D. Nelson and was Radar Operator on 7341 that day and took all the photos with a Leica IIIc on Kodachrome Film.

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Over Hamhung N. Korea Orbiting the assembly area prior to bomb run.(58,170) B-29 #932, Lost to MIG attack after bomb run about 20 minutes after this photo was taken. (62,715)
B-29 over Wonsan (47,647) Almost ready to go. (39,254)
B-29, 7341 (65,653) 7341 at Taegu S. Korea (62,231)
Another View (57,272) One of many that day! (49,356)
Back on the ground! (99,475) Top View Same hole from the top
AC Capt Dave Holder
P 1/Lt Willie McCarty
B Capt. Chuck Hayden (99,475)
Warming up, Taegu Oct. 24, 1951 (79,980)
343rd Crews, 30 June 1951 Strike- Oct. 24, 1951
Pilots Flimsy(97,841) A SAC Tale
1830 Every Man A Tiger (1830) We survived 16 Combat Missions in this old Clunk(44,489) Pilots Captain Mel Manley, A/C & Lt. Jim Harig, Navigator of the ill-fated "Our Gal" that day.(73,100)
1830 Taegu 1951 Our Crew (one version) (79,980)
F84s F84s taking off from Taegu, Oct 25, 1951 F84s2 More F84s headed out.

These are slides taken on a mission to Pyongyang on May 27, 1951. We were in 1830, "Every Man a Tiger" and our Radar had quit, as usual, thus giving me time to take a few pictures. We were experiencing some light flak but I may have erased some of it along with the dust specs on the old slides.

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335 335 Bombs Away!
335 Let's go home! On the way!

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